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Waproo Fashion Liquid Renovating Polish

Waproo Fashion Liquid Renovating Polish

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A superior wax based polish that effectively covers scuff marks and scratches. Buffs to a brilliant shine. Restores colour to scuffed leather shoes leaving a natural finish. With sponge applicator for convenience and ease of use. Helps prolong the life of footwear.

Leaves leather rejuvenated, rehydrated and with a deep shine. Ideal for everything from dress shoes to work boots, making it the versatile choice for individuals across a range of industries. Useful for all leather garments as well as footwear, it effectively conceals scuff marks and scratches on jackets, gloves, belts and more. An extensive range of fashion colours are available. With over 50 colours including multiple shades of grey, brown, blue and red, you are sure to find a Waproo shoe polish to fit your needs, making it the ideal for footwear and garments of every colour. 

You will be amazed at the effects that a little bit of Waproo Renovating Polish can achieve. Even highly visible scuffs can be easily covered and buffed out, and the polish provides an excellent base for later application of high-gloss shines, making it ideal for business environments.

Give your leather goods the attention they deserve. Make your shoes and garments last longer and look better with the Waproo range available from Shoe Products Australia.


For smooth and grained leather. Simply sponge on a moderate amount to the leather, then spread to cover with the applicator. Leave to try, then apply a second coat if necessary for severe or deep scratches. Rinse the applicator in water after every use. Afterwards, buff with a polishing cloth to enhance the shine.