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Tacco Tacco-fit

Tacco Tacco-fit

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Tacco Fit Drop Pad metatarsal arch supports are the perfect amendment to any insole or arch support and provide increased support for the ball of the foot and metatarsal arch. The Tacco Fit Drop Pad is a “stick-on” metatarsal arch support that lacks an adjoining insole (like the Tacco Exclusive) and gives the wearer the maximum positioning freedom to put the support right where it’s needed most.


Other metatarsal arch supports such as the Tacco Exclusive are designed with the metatarsal arch incorporated into the body of a ¾ length insole. The insole is there to make placing the metatarsal arch in the shoe easier but it can also limit the positioning possibilities and occasionally the metatarsal support won’t hit the right place on the arch. A little farther forward, backward, to the left or to the right is not a problem for this metatarsal arch support. You place the Tacco Fit Drop pad metatarsal arch support exactly where you need it to enhance support to the metatarsal area.


The Tacco Fit Drop Pad is ideally suited for attachment to an existing pair of insoles or arch supports. Just peel of the adhesive backing and stick them right where you want the support to go. The Tacco Drop Pad has a foam rubber core surrounded by a genuine leather covering. Just peel off the white wax paper on the bottom to reveal the adhesive backing and stick the metatarsal arch supports place. In extremely hot climates the adhesive glue can melt and the metatarsal pad can shift position on top of an arch support or insole. If this happens use a sparing amount of rubber cement glue to hold it in the desired position.



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