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Sitil Liquid Polish

Sitil Liquid Polish

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The waxes included in its formula feed well the leather and increase its flexibility, giving to the shoes a brand-new appearance. This polish doesn’t cause any cracking on the surface. Thanks to its self-shining feature, this product is not only easy and practical to use, but also economical because you will not need any extra polishing, brushing or shining cloth. The applicator is a long-lasting sponge that you will be able to use for the entire bottle, without any cracking. The applicator also allows you to dose the exact amount of polish you need. The Liquid Shoe Polish does not contain any solvent and it is harmless to the human health and the environment.



First, clean your shoes. Apply the polish with the sponge and let it dry for 3-4 minutes. Your shoes will be ready to be worn, cleaned and polished. You may polish 50-60 pairs of shoes with one bottle. Before complete drying, this product can be easily cleaned with warm water and a tissue, thanks to its water-based formula. Not suitable for suede and nubuck.