Made for Walking – Comfortable Vibram Soles Available in Australia

The sole made for excellent traction.

If you are looking for a sole that’ll see your walking, hiking and work needs met, the Vibram sole is what you’ve been searching for. Designed and manufactured in Italy and made from vulcanised rubber – these soles have been trusted by mountain scaling pioneers and tradespeople alike. To learn more about our range of Vibram soles for sale, feel free to read on or reach out to our knowledgeable team.

The history of Vibram soles

Vibram soles were solely made to meet the needs of mountaineers following the death of six of the company’s founder’s friends perished in the Italian Alps – deaths partly blamed by their insufficient footwear. Vibram soles were made to provide more grip, a more durable sole – and greater comfort during challenging climbs and hikes.

Today, Vibram soles come for sale in a wide variety, all with a higher degree of abrasion resistance than many other sole replacement models to meet your hiking or walking needs. Whether you need mountaineering soles you can trust, or you require sole material for repairing or producing orthopedic shoes, or you simply want a durable and elegant sole to protect your leather oxfords, Vibram has the solution you require. If you want durability, long-lasting comfort, unquestionable grip, and a sole replacement you can count on – choose Vibram.

We know investing in quality soles should be a long-lasting solution you and your feet will love. If you’d like advice on what sole best suits your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team on +61 3 9364 5033 to learn why we as distributors love their products.

Aside from our wide range of Vibram soles, we’re also stockists and distributors of Waproo, Angelus and many other world-renowned brands.

Meeting the sole needs of Australians nation-wide

The standard soles that come with store-bought shoes – no matter how high quality – often don’t provide your feet with the support they need. Store-bought shoes are made to look good, not to be orthopedic. That’s where Vibram soles come in. Shoe Products Australia stocks an impressive range of premanufactured soles and materials to suit the needs of quality conscious clients and shoe repairers and manufacturers alike. Reach out to our friendly team on +61 3 9364 5033 to get all the information you require.