High-Quality Waterproofers From Tana, Waproo & Collonil

Stay dry in even the wettest conditions. Shoe Products Australia offers a range of waterproof sprays and rub-on products helping to keep you comfortable and your shoes protected regardless of the weather. Prolong the life of your shoes with our collection of products, helping to repel water and avoid moisture damage.

We make it simple and easy for everyone to keep their socks dry and their shoes in top condition. Our range of waterproofing products are sourced from some of the most respected shoe care companies in the world. Affordable and high-quality, they’re a great choice no matter where you’re working. Whether you’re in dress shoes or work boots, keep your feet dry with help from Shoe Products Australia.

The performance you need to keep dry

Our range is sourced from names such as Waproo, Josheph Lyddy, Tana and Collonil. These companies offer some of the most effective waterproofing products in the world. Collonil Waterstop Spray is a favourite of people working in wet, dirty environments, delivering exceptional resistance to water penetration, embedded dirt and snow and water stains in all circumstances. Suitable for smooth leathers, suede and high-tech materials, it’s the perfect choice for every kind of shoe.

The traditional choice, dubbin from Waproo and Josephy Lyddy has been used for centuries to waterproof, soften and condition leather goods of all kinds, helping to improve the appearance and the functionality of garments and shoes. Simply rub on with a polishing cloth for a deep glow and enhanced waterproofing.

The right choice for every shoe

Ensure you have the best for your wardrobe and shop the range at Shoe Products Australia today. Order today and benefit from our fast, affordable shipping, offered anywhere in the country. Any questions? Get in touch today on +61 3 9364 5033 or via email at info@shoeproductsaustralia.com.au