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Shoe Products Australia supply and distribute materials to the shoe making and shoe repair industry. We can also supply a large range of products to assist in the care and maintenance of your shoes.

About Us

Shoe Products Australia was previously known as G & M Pavlides. George Pavlides established his business 45 years ago supplying and distributing materials to the shoe making and shoe repair industry.


We have an excellent reputation for outstanding customer service, a large range of products and pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity when dealing with customers and suppliers.

We have achieved a steady growth in the business and are among the leaders as a national supplier from our warehouse in Balfour Avenue in North Sunshine, Victoria.


Although our core business is shoe materials we also have a large variety of shoe care and other associated products. We believe customer retention is extremely important to our business and as such, try to always provide prompt service and delivery.


Tommy Nicolaou who is carrying on from George Pavlides is going to be known as Shoe Products Australia from February 1st 2014.

Tommy has been with George since 1988 and will continue to improve the business by employing modern technology aiming to achieve strong marketing.

This presentation will develop customer interaction online, while retaining our customer service by phone and fax.